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MDE-5220G.pdf MDE-5220G FlexPay™ IV CRIND® Retrofit Kit Installation Instructions for Encore® S E-CIM™ · 05/18
This manual provides instructions to install a 5.7- or 10.4-inch Color Screen FlexPay™ IV CRIND® Secure Payment Outdoor Terminal [(SPOT M7)] Retrofit Kit in an Encore® S E-CIM™ pump/dispenser (with or without CRIND). The FlexPay IV CRIND provides a secure payment platform that is EMV®-certified and Payment Card Industry PIN Entry Device (PCI-PED)-certified.
MDE-5221H.pdf MDE-5221H FlexPay™ IV CRIND® Start-up Manual · 02/19
This manual provides start-up instructions for FlexPay™ IV CRIND®.
MDE-5287.pdf MDE-5287B FlexPay™ IV Encore® 700 S Bank Note Acceptor (BNA) Upgrade Kit for E-CIM™ · 04/17
This manual provides instructions to install a Bank Note Acceptor (BNA) Kit on Encore® 700 S E-CIM™.
MDE-5448A.pdf MDE-5448A Card Reader Cleaning Kit (M16086K00X) Instructions · 01/19
This manual provides instructions to use the M7 Card Reader Cleaner Kit (M16086K001) to remove the Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from a card reader.
sp-4072.pdf SP-4072 Retrofit Graphics Manual
sp-4073.pdf SP-4073 Retrofit Graphics Form