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C01665.pdf C01665 CFN Series SCII & Islander II Start-Up Manual
Startup manual for Gasboy CFN and Islander systems
C01666B.pdf C01666B Cenex Configuration Manual
This manual contains information specific to CFN Systems configured for Cenex.
C01745A.pdf C01745A Gilbarco Interface Unit Installation Manual
Gilbarco Interface Unit Installation Manual
C01759.pdf C01759 Gasboy CFN Diagnostic Manual
This book was written to assist the authorized service representative (ASR) or technician in
C01918.pdf C01918 CFN Series SCII Installation Manual
C08951.pdf C08951 GASBOY Star Receipt Printer Maintenance Manual
GASBOY Star Receipt Printer Maintenance Manual
C09146.pdf C09146 Site Controller Pump Interface Manual
Gasboy CFN Site Controller Pump Interface Manual
C09159.pdf C09159 CFN Series CFN II Quick Reference
C35348.pdf C35348 Installation Instructions Hard Drive Option Kit
Installation Instructions Hard Drive
C35364.pdf C35364 Link/Okidata Printer Setup Instructions
Set-up instructions for the Link and Okidata printer for Passport
C35381.pdf C35381 SCII CPU PCB and Jumpers
C35383.pdf C35383 Star Printer Controller PCB & Dip Switch Settings
C35416.pdf C35416 Profit Point Bar Code Scanner
C35424.pdf C35424 Setting Up Your Polaris Bar Code Scanner
This instruction sheet details a verification sequence that allows you to determine whether your scanner is p rogrammed correctly and a programming sequence to follow if it is not.
C35550.pdf C35550 ICR Power Supply Replacement
This kit is used to update the CFN Island Card Reader from a C05403 to a C05801 power supply assembly
C35551.pdf C35551 Installing Two Islander 4-Hose PCU
Install Two Islander 4 hose
C35552.pdf C35552 Installing an Islander 4-Hose PCU
C35554.pdf C35554 Field Installation Islander Internal Modem
C35587.pdf C35587 GASBOY CFN Islander I & II Installation Quotation Guide
This document is provided as a guide for quoting the installation of a CFN Islander system. Component location, power, wiring, and
C35588.pdf C35588 ME-800 SHM Installation Sheet
C35744.pdf C35744 Profit Point Inst. Verifone PIN Pad
This packet contains modem setup information for both the C01533 PC Package/Answer Modem and the C05899
C35803.pdf C35803 SCII Program Upgrade Instructions
C35838.pdf C35838 RPS Card Handler: Using DFIL.CMD
Installation of RPS Card Handling using DFIL.CMD
C35849.pdf C35849 SDI/Wayne CAT Interface
C35904.pdf C35904 EDS-CCIS Credit and Debit Networks
C35907.pdf C35907 Gascard Credit and Debit Networks
C35913.pdf C35913 Sinclair Credit and Debit Networks
C35923.pdf C35923 SCII/SCIII POS & Shift Change Manual
Point of Sale, Shift Change, CFN3 and Site Controller II
C35924.pdf C35924 SDI/Unitec Interface
documentation on the interface from the Gasboy Site Controller III to the Unitec POS4000 Car Wash
C35925.pdf C35925 Installing Verifone PIN Pad - CFN III - 12/00
These instructions detail installation of the Verifone Pin Pad option in a CFN3 with an integral Profit Point configuration.
C35926.pdf C35926 CFN RPS Card Handler
This special card handler is used to locally authorize NTS cards with ISO number 56617101.
C35928.pdf C35928 MasterCard Fleet Card Handler
describes how the special handler identifies if a master fleet card or gasboy club card is checked against the special lockout routine
C35930.pdf C35930 Gasboy Dial 001 Credit & Debit Networks
For Site Controller II and CFN III
C35931.pdf C35931 Amoco/Datacard Credit and Debit Networks
C35932.pdf C35932 Site Controller II Manual de Configuracion
Gasboy CFN Site Controller II Configuration manual in French
C35934.pdf C35934 Attendant Card Handler 2003
This special handler adds the ability to track credit sales by full serve attendant number.
C35935.pdf C35935 Card Limit Card Handler
Gasboy CFN Series
C35937.pdf C35937 Site Controller II Manual del Administrador
Site Controller Manual Spanish
C35938.pdf C35938 Shell Go Card Handler
CFN Series
C35940.pdf C35940 Quarles Special Card Handler
This special card handler will allow Quarles formatted club cards to be remotely authorized
C35963.pdf C35963 CFN Islander II Installation Manual
C35978.pdf C35978 ICR Display Replacement Instructions
These instructions are to be used for updating the CFN Island Card Reader (ICR) from the 3-board set to the new 2-board set.
C35984A.pdf C35984A Installing SCIII or Profit Point Replacement Hard Drive
These instructions cover replacement of a hard disk drive in a Site Controller III PC (Kit C07260) or in a Windows NT
C36009.pdf C36009 Cabling and Connection Instructions for PC Software
Use these instructions to make all cabling and connections required for your PC to allow communication with your
C36013.pdf C36013 Islander II Floppy Drive Installation
C36025.pdf C36025 Islander/FleetKey Optional Extra Card Digit
C36045A.pdf C36045A Upgrading/Installing Profit Point Software
Manual for installing Profit Point Software
C36053.pdf C36053 CFN Islander II w/Key Option Conversion Manual
C36061.pdf C36061 Replacing a Profit Point Power Supply
This instruction sheet details the procedure for replacement of the Profit Point power supply.
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