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C36062.pdf C36062 Wire Seal Site Controllers
C36068.pdf C36068 Spare Parts Kit Contents-SCII
CFN SC3 Spares Kit
C36069.pdf C36069 Spare Parts Kit Contents-Islander II Addendum
Spare Parts Kit Contents for Islander II
C36073.pdf C36073 Loading DES Master Key
C36075.pdf C36075 ICR2 Switch and Jumper Settings
This sheet summarizes the switch and jumper settings used with the ICR2 CPU Board, C05857.
C36076.pdf C36076 SCIII Board Set Instructions
C36080.pdf C36080 Islander Card Reader Retrofit Instructions
This sheet details the installation of a new card reader into an existing Islander or Series 1000 system.
C36088.pdf C36088 CFN Series SCII Installation Manual - Spanish
El Manual de instalación del Site Controller II de GASBOY se ofrece para ayudar en la instalación del Sistema CFN.
C36101.pdf C36101 Acceptable Modems for Gasboy Equipment
C36153.pdf C36153 GASBOY Instructions to Disable PIN for CFN Network
GASBOY Instructions to Disable PIN for CFN Network
C36156.pdf C36156 Convert 24-Pump POS Keyboard-Serial Oper., Kit C07598
MDE-4298D.pdf MDE-4298D CFN Series Site Controller III Installation Manual · 09/09
Site Controller III installation guide
MDE-4299B.pdf MDE-4299B CFN Series Profit Point PLUS Install Manual · 03/07
MDE-4310B.pdf MDE-4310B FleetCor Dual Special Card Handler · 04/07
Instructions for configuring CFN III to operate on Fleecor network
MDE-4313.pdf MDE-4313 CFN III Mngr's Mnl - Windows NT V3.3 · 08/04
Managers Manual for CFN III
MDE-4314A.pdf MDE-4314A CFN III Config Mnl - Windows NT V3.3 · 11/05
CFN III Configuration Manual for Windows NT
MDE-4315.pdf MDE-4315 CFN III Mgnr's Mnl - Windows NT V3.4 · 08/04
CFN III Manager Manual
MDE-4316C.pdf MDE-4316C CFN III Config Mnl - Windows NT V3.4 · 04/07
MDE-4337G.pdf MDE-4337G CFN Series Gilbarco ® CRIND ® PC Interface for Site Controller III with Windows ® · 02/11
This manual provides information on setting up Gilbarco CRIND and ICR2 devices with Gasboy systems using the Gasboy Gilbarco CRIND PC Interface.
MDE-4345.pdf MDE-4345 Connecting FDD Cables in SC II Unit · 08/04
How to connect FDD Cables in the Gasboy CFN Site Controller II
MDE-4354.pdf MDE-4354 Setting Up Metrologic MS6720 Bar Code Scanner - 08/05
This document describes the set up of the Metrologic bar code scanner, including verification and program sequences.
MDE-4375.pdf MDE-4375 Site Controller III Start-Up Manual · 06/05
Start Up Manual for Site Controller III
MDE-4389A.pdf MDE-4389A Setting Up Datalogic DLL2020 Scanner · 09/05
instructions on setting up datalogic dll2020 scanner used on profit point terminal
MDE-4390F.pdf MDE-4390F CFN Series NBS (GL3) Credit and Debit Card Network 11/08
MDE-4410.pdf MDE-4410 Voyager Special Card Handler · 06/05
Special Card Handler for Voyager
MDE-4479.pdf MDE-4479 CFN III Quick Reference Guide v3.4 · 08/05
Gasboy CFN III Quick Reference Guide V3.4
MDE-4483.pdf MDE-4483 CFN III Quick Reference Guide v3.3 · 08/05
This is a quick reference guide for the Gasboy CFN-III system.
MDE-4504.pdf MDE-4504 Site Controller II CPU/Memory Board/Program Upgrade In
MDE-4549.pdf MDE-4549 WEX Special Card Handler · 02/06
MDE-4604.pdf MDE-4604 ADDS 4000 Terminal & Okidata Prntr Instlltn · 02/07
MDE-4606B.pdf MDE-4606B Buypass Credit and Debit Card networks · 08/10
This manual contains information to set up a CFN Site Controller. If you are connecting the site to Buypass for card verification, use this manual for reference.
MDE-4611.pdf MDE-4611 Dorio 10/Okidata Printer Setup Instructions · 10/06
MDE-4624C.pdf MDE-4624C CFN Series Tokheim Pump PC Interface · 01/11
This manual is intended for technicians and field engineers who set up Tokheim® pumps using Gasboy®’s Tokheim Pump PC Interface with CFN III version 3.4 or later.
MDE-4634.pdf MDE-4634 CFN Series Gilbarco Pump PC Interface 11/07
CFN Pump Interface for site controller 3 with Windows NT or Windows XPE
MDE-4643.pdf MDE-4643 Quarles NBS Configuration and Software Install Manual 03/07
document provides the general setup information for quarles fueling sites
MDE-4644.pdf MDE-4644 Generic Host Config Instr for EFS Trking Fuel Mgmnt 03/07
provides information regarding the changes that are required to configure the efs trucking default parameters (c50017) of fuel management system equipment
MDE-4695.pdf MDE-4695 CFN Series Unitec PC Interface · 07/10
This manual provides instructions to connect a CFN Series Site Controller III (Version 3.6 and later) to the Unitec® POS 4000 Car Wash Controller using a Unitec PC Interface
MDE-4705.pdf MDE-4705 Additional Serial Ports Installation on an Integral Profit Point System (PA03660XXX) · 10/07
Install manual for Gasboy ProfitPoint
MDE-4706.pdf MDE-4706 Gasboy PIN Calculator Operation Instructions 11/07
This document provides instructions to read and display card data and calculate PINs for Gasboy Club Cards and Bank Cards, using the PIN Calculator.
MDE-4707.pdf MDE-4707 Current Loop Driver Ferrite Installation Instructions 09/07
Installation instructions for the Current Loop Driver Ferrite
MDE-4739A.pdf MDE-4739A Gasboy CFN III PCI Secure Controller Software Installation/Upgrade Instructions (CFN III V3.6 and Later) · 07/10
The manual is intended for technicians who install and are completely familiar with the reimage to Windows XPE and all aspects of the installation of the PCI-compliant Gasboy CFN III software.
MDE-4759.pdf MDE-4759 CFN III Payment Application Best Practices Implementation Requirements · 09/08
MDE-4762.pdf MDE-4762 CFN III Manager’s Manual for Windows XP Embedded · 03/09
Manager manual for Windows XP CFNIII
MDE-4773.pdf MDE-4773 CFN III Configuration Manual for Windows XP · 12/08
Configuration Manual for CFN III and Windows
MDE-4793A.pdf MDE-4793A CFN Series Site Controller III Start-up Manual for CFN lll Versions 3.5 and above 11-08
Site Controller III Start up for V3.05 and up
MDE-4870A.pdf MDE-4870A CFN III Fuel Management System PA-DSS Implementation Guide Version 3.6 · 06/10
This document provides information required to install and operate the CFN III in a manner compliant with Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) version 1.2
MDE-4871.pdf MDE-4871 CFN III Manager’s Manual for Windows XP Embedded - Version 3.6 · 08/10
This reference manual explains commands that are used to set up, maintain, produce reports on, and diagnose problems for a Gasboy CFN III system
MDE-4872.pdf MDE-4872 CFN Series CFN III Configuration Manual for Windows ® XP - V 3.6 · 08/10
This manual explains how to configure a Gasboy CFN III using the configuration programs located in the BIN subdirectory on your hard disk.
MDE-4873.pdf MDE-4873 CFN Series Site Controller III Start-up Manual for CFN III Versions 3.6 and Later · 08/10
This manual assists you in the start-up of a Gasboy CFN Site Controller (SC) III system.
MDE-4874.pdf MDE-4874 CFN Series NBS (GL3) Credit and Debit Card Network - V1.4.0.0 and Later, for CFN III Versions 3.6 and Later · 08/10
This manual contains information for setting up a CFN site controller that connects to NBS. The site controller is used for card verification using GL3 protocol
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